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Spotted wing drosophila: go-to preparedness resources for time-poor advisors

30 Oct 2020 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

Are you an agronomist, field entomologist, biosecurity officer, industry development manager, or just generally a really popular go-to font of knowledge for your respective industry?

Spotted wing drosophila: What would management look like?

29 Oct 2020 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

Exploiting microclimates to keep cozy, hiding out in fruit, hitching rides to new places – this pest knows all the tricks. But do you know the tricks for its management?

Help our pest management researchers with aphid collections

20 Oct 2020 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

Can you help our needy scientists overcome an ‘aphid shortage’ in support of pest management research?

Push to list platypus as vulnerable in Victoria

30 Sep 2020 | Filed under genetic insights

Largely living alone concealed in burrows by day or dipping below the surface of freshwater rivers, creeks and lakes at night, the platypus has long been a tricky species to keep an eye on in the wild.

Identifying insecticide resistance risks for the future

11 Sep 2020 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

We all want to know what the future holds, but when it comes to resistance, being able to predict the drivers of future resistance evolution can be critical to improved management practices.