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The Australian Grains Pest Innovation Program (AGPIP)

02 Jun 2020 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to invertebrate pest management research and extension.

Insecticide resistance testing offered for green peach aphid

27 May 2020 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

We’ve been hot on the trail of insecticide resistance in green peach aphid for a while now, and we are hoping you’ll come join us on the hunt.

A new way to test for neonicotinoid resistance in the redlegged earth mite and lucerne flea

08 Aug 2019 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

You’ve likely heard us announce over the years “We’re testing for resistance!”.

First signs of low-level resistance evolving to Transform™ detected in isolated Western Australian green peach aphid populations

11 Jun 2019 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

Evidence of green peach aphid (Myzus persicae, GPA) evolving resistance to sulfoxaflor (Transform™) has been confirmed for the first time in Australia, after a small number of aphid populations from Western Australia were shown to have reduced sensitivity to the insecticide.