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Free redlegged earth mite resistance testing service

21 Aug 2015 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

cesar is now testing redlegged earth mites (RLEM) for insecticide resistance across southern Australia. Throughout 2015, this service will be free for Australian grain growers, thanks to funding from GRDC, and the collaboration and support of The University of Melbourne, the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA), CSIRO...

Revised resistance management strategy - Green Peach Aphid in Australian grains

05 Aug 2015 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

A revised resistance management strategy for the green peach aphid (GPA) has been released by the grains National Insecticide Resistance Management (NIRM) working group, which is chaired by cesar’s director, Dr Paul Umina. This document has been endorsed by Crop Life Australia and is downloadable at:

Women in Science

18 Jun 2015 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

Two of cesar’s sustainable agriculture consultants were delighted to attend the first ‘Women in Science’ conference for years 10-12 students of the City of Yarra, run by the Merri Creek Management Committee and hosted by Melbourne Girls College.

New service to screen for insecticide resistance in aphids

02 Jun 2015 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

A new testing service is being offered to growers and advisers to determine the presence of insecticide resistance in green peach aphid (GPA) populations - a pest of various horticultural and grain crops.

Update on green peach aphid insecticide resistance findings and management

19 Mar 2015 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

Both DNA testing and insecticide bioassays conducted by cesar on populations of green peach aphid (GPA) from all over Australia have revealed varying levels of resistance to the following three chemical groups: organophosphates (dimethoate, omethoate and chlorpyrifos), synthetic pyrethroids (bifenthrin and alpha-cypermethrin) and carbamates (pirimicarb).