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Resistance Management Strategy for the green peach aphid in Bundaberg field vegetable crops

21 Jun 2016

The green peach aphid (GPA) is a serious crop damage threat to farmers in Australia. The aphids cause damage by feeding and transmitting viruses. As part of project VG12109 – Management of insecticide resistance in the green peach aphid (funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited and the Australian Government), cesar has led the development of a Resistance Management Strategy for GPA. This strategy has been specifically developed for the vegetable growing region of Bundaberg (QLD), utilizing the national expertise of entomologists, resistance experts, advisers and agrochemical companies.

This work will assist Bundaberg vegetable growers manage GPA into the future.


Click to download the Green Peach Aphid Resistance Management Strategy in Bundaberg field vegetable crops.

A large amount of research and industry knowledge lies behind the development of resistance management strategies. For in-depth information on the background to this strategy, see the Science behind the GPA Resistance Management Strategy.


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