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Push to list platypus as vulnerable in Victoria

30 Sep 2020 | Filed under genetic insights

Largely living alone concealed in burrows by day or dipping below the surface of freshwater rivers, creeks and lakes at night, the platypus has long been a tricky species to keep an eye on in the wild.

Searching for the Bogong moth

28 Aug 2020 | Filed under genetic insights

If you spend time in the Australian Alps you soon discover they house some pretty unique species of flora and fauna.

Assessing genetic health of Victoria’s biodiversity for conservation planning

30 Apr 2019 | Filed under genetic insights

In less than 200 years since European settlement, much of Victoria’s natural environment has been dramatically transformed. A great deal of our natural habitat is now highly fragmented from clearing of land for agriculture, construction of roads and settlements, damming of rivers, and major changes in fire frequency and intensity.

The Great Australian Platypus Search update: spring 2018 results

22 Mar 2019 | Filed under genetic insights

The Great Australian Platypus Search (GAPS), a collaboration between cesar, San Diego Zoo Global, and the University of Melbourne, is well under way with the first round of results just in.

Back from the brink: Crowdfunding for the genetic rescue of Eastern Barred Bandicoots

02 Oct 2018 | Filed under genetic insights

An article published in 1934 describes the flavour of bandicoot stew.