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Drive to share pest knowledge yields a new relationship

11 Sep 2015

ADAMA Australia has announced a partnership with cesar in line with Adama’s strategy to deliver innovative digital solutions and create simplicity in agriculture.

cesar, a Melbourne based science, technology and research organisation, will assist Adama in the development of a new knowledge sharing platform that promises to be a practical, reliable and innovative solution for the sharing of agricultural knowledge.

“Adama is currently developing technology platforms which will help share knowledge with the market.” said Adama’s Digital Innovation Manager, Alex Mills. “Our partnership with cesar will help deliver highly valued knowledge, particularly within the context of insect pests”.

Dr Paul Umina, Director at cesar, said that “cesar has a team of experts that specialise in developing and delivering services and tools for insect pest management in Australasian agriculture based on best available science”. He emphasised “cesar is committed to contributing to a sustainable future for Australian agriculture and is excited to assist Adama in gaining a deeper understanding of market issues as they arise.”  

Dr Umina said that cesar was thrilled to utilise Adama’s market presence to get closer to both agronomists and farmers to help better understand the issues they are facing and in turn provide more relevant solutions for the market.

Mr Mills believes that the wider industry benefit from this partnership will be a more sustainable approach to pest management generated from the sharing of knowledge from cesar and Adama.

This partnership, along with other Adama activities, is centred on the company’s  strategy to create simplicity in Agriculture.  


For further information contact:

Dr Alana Govender, extension entomologist


Ph: 03 9349 4723