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Platypus breeding in Werribee

30 Mar 2012 | Filed under wildlife ecology

Over the past decade, platypus populations in the Werribee River have been under threat from a variety of environmental and anthropogenic disturbances including the long-term drought experienced throughout south-eastern Australia, extraction of water for urban and agricultural use, fragmentation of populations by weirs, habitat degradation, litter, and predation.

genetics to play key role in managing virus affected blacklip abalone populations

29 Feb 2012 | Filed under genetic insights

Abalone is a valuable export commodity in Australia supporting a commercial fishery worth approximately $250 million per annum. The blacklip abalone, Haliotis rubra, is the primary target species of the fishery with a distribution extending along the southern coastline of Australia from Western Australia to New South Wales, including Tasmania.

pestIQ is here!

29 Feb 2012 | Filed under sustainable agriculture, company announcements

cesar is pleased to announce the launch of pestIQ, an intelligent online tool designed with farmers and advisors in mind. With an indepth database of insect pests, insecticides, monitoring techniques and user friendly functionality pestIQ is the "go to tool" for finding information critical to making the best insect pest management decisions.

platypus found entangled in Merri Creek

27 Feb 2012 | Filed under wildlife ecology

Following several reliable platypus sightings in Merri Creek over the past 18 months, their presence was confirmed recently when a platypus was discovered by a local resident near Moreland Rd, Thornbury. While it is great news that platypuses have recolonised one of Melbourne’s most urbanised and modified streams after a...

Career opportunity

02 Feb 2012 | Filed under sustainable agriculture, company announcements

Our Sustainable Agriculture team currently has an exciting opporunity for a Research and Trials Scientist who is genuinely passionate about working within agriculture and the environment.