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Testing has found no insecticide resistance in lucerne flea populations

08 Jan 2020 | Filed under

Lucerne flea (Sminthurus viridis) can be found in most grain crops and pastures in southern Australia, with crops such as lucerne (hence the name!), clover and canola particularly susceptible to feeding damage. There are increasing concerns of pest species evolving resistance to insecticides, particularly very ubiquitous species like lucerne flea,...

Spotted wing Drosophila: the overseas experience & tips to stay a step ahead

09 Dec 2019 | Filed under

Researcher Dr Kelly Hamby from the University of Maryland has previously described the incursion of spotted wing Drosophila (SWD, Drosophila suzukii) in the United States: “When SWD first invaded, growers and researchers scrambled to find quick solutions, which necessitated using insecticides…Outbreaks of pests that historically were not problematic have occurred...

Last stop - the mountain pygmy possum dinner plate: uncovering the Bogong moth journey one nucleotide at a time

25 Nov 2019 | Filed under

An iconic species of the Australian Alps, the mountain pygmy possum (Burramys parvus) is found in a unique and fragile habitat that is highly sensitive to environmental change. Habitat conservation and genetic rescue-based conservation efforts have allowed some populations to rebound, but the possum is facing new threats, and the...

The Great Australian Platypus Search: winter 2019 results

28 Oct 2019 | Filed under

The Great Australian Platypus Search (GAPS) is using eDNA testing techniques to undertake the largest platypus survey ever attempted. Results from the latest round of fieldwork has just been received – and platypuses have been detected at around a third of sites sampled.

Insecticide resistance in the green peach aphid – where are we after 4 years of surveillance?

21 Oct 2019 | Filed under

If you google ‘green peach aphid’, you’re more than likely to see us, cesar, in your search feed.