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Assessing genetic health of Victoria’s biodiversity for conservation planning

30 Apr 2019 | Filed under genetic insights

In less than 200 years since European settlement, much of Victoria’s natural environment has been dramatically transformed. A great deal of our natural habitat is now highly fragmented from clearing of land for agriculture, construction of roads and settlements, damming of rivers, and major changes in fire frequency and intensity.

the persistence of resistance - why the pesticide treadmill may be picking up the pace

29 Mar 2019 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

It is well known that pesticide resistance is a global issue. But, do you know where Australia stands in comparison to other grain growing countries? A recently published scientific review led by cesar and The University of Melbourne investigates.

The Great Australian Platypus Search update: spring 2018 results

22 Mar 2019 | Filed under genetic insights

The Great Australian Platypus Search (GAPS), a collaboration between cesar, San Diego Zoo Global, and the University of Melbourne, is well under way with the first round of results just in.

A surveillance toolkit in development for detecting vegetable leafminer

18 Mar 2019 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

We are two years into a Hort Innovation funded research project to prepare Australia for effective management of the vegetable leafminer (VLM, Liriomyza sativae), and our work has begun to culminate in a ‘surveillance toolkit’ — user-friendly resources that will help Australia prepare for potential incursions.


08 Mar 2019 | Filed under sustainable agriculture

New or exotic plant pests can have a devastating impact on rural communities. Production impacts, disruption of integrated pest management plans, out-of-spec harvests, loss of market access, and pest containment measures are possible consequences of an exotic pest establishing in a production region.