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cesar’s Genetic Insights team have worked with a broad range of clients including government and private organisations. Below is a snapshot of some of our Genetic Insights clients.


Department of Sustainability and Environment

Since 2007 cesar’s Genetic Insights team has assisted DSE in devising and implementing management strategies for a range of endangered animals. Specifically, cesar has provided genetic advice, strategies and population genetic services on a number of threatened species. Most recently cesar’s Genetic Insights team developed and implemented the translocation strategy for the Mt Buller Mountain Pygmy Possum and conducted a population genetic assessment of the endangered barred galaxias.

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Melbourne Water

cesar has partnered with Melbourne Water to provide assistance to the orange-bellied parrot National Recovery Team. cesar has conducted a genetic survey of contemporary and historic orange-bellied parrots both in the wild and in captivity to help inform breeding programs and management strategies for the orange-bellied parrot.

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cesar has also conducted fauna surveys for Melbourne Water, see Wildlife Ecology clients.


Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority

In 2011 cesar’s Genetic Insights team undertook a genetic study of an endangered plant species found in the Glenelg Hopkins catchment area. The outcomes of this study have helped to identify future work required to inform the effective management of this plant species.

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Christmas Island National Park

cesar’s Genetic Insights team undertook a comprehensive population genetic study on the endemic Christmas Island red crab. This species, which undergoes one of the largest migrations on the planet, has been decimated in places on the island by the highly invasive yellow crazy ant over the last two decades. The genetic study was undertaken to inform National Parks on how they should manage this species on the island.

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Zoos Victoria

cesar’s Genetic Insights team assists Zoos Victoria in it’s Mountain Pygmy Possum and Eastern Barred Bandicoot breeding programs. Specifically cesar has undertaken paternity and genotyping services, providing advice on strategies to effectively manage genetic diversity and inbreeding within their captive breeding programs.

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cesar has also conducted Translocation Implementation work for Zoos Victoria, see Wildlife Ecology clients.


Barwon Water

In 2011 cesar’s Genetic Insights team undertook a population genetics study on the pygmy perch to assist Barwon Water’s management decisions regarding this threatened species. Specifically cesar assessed the evolutionary importance of a particular isolated pygmy perch population.

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Parks Victoria

cesar’s Genetic Insights team have partnered with Parks Victoria and Zoos Victoria to determine the genetic impacts of the 2009 Black Saturday fires on the endangered Leadbeaters Possum in the central Highlands of Victoria. The Lake Mountain population of Leadbeater’s Possum was devastated by the fires, with only a few individuals remaining. cesar are determining the genetic status of this population and others in the surrounding areas, and will develop a genetic management plan for this population.

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Some of our other past clients include:

  • VicRoads
  • Murray Darling Basin Authority
  • Charles Darwin University
  • Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and the Environment, Tasmania