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building biosecurity preparedness for spotted wing drosophila

Project partners: Plant Health Australia, Plant & Food Research NZ (with input from Horticulture NZ)

Funding body: Hort Innovation

The launch of this project follows several high profile horticultural exotic pest incursions in Australia, such as the varroa mite, the vegetable leafminer, panama disease (tropical race 4), and the tomato potato psyllid.

Through this project we will:

  1. Increase the chance of detection and reporting of spotted wing drosophila through increased awareness and knowledge of the pest.
  2. Improve Australia’s capacity to respond effectively to incursions of spotted wing drosophila.

To achieve these objectives, project partners will review the potential entry pathways and impacts for Australia, impacts of spotted wing drosophila overseas, and our preparedness and response capability in Australia. We will also review overseas management practices and incursion response protocols to support preparation of appropriate management plans and control permits. This information will be used to develop a cross commodity contingency plan, including optimum surveillance protocols.

Another aspect of this project involves running an awareness and education campaign for potentially affected industries, involving seminars, articles, and preparedness workshops.

Project flyer

Project update, summer 2019

Project update, winter 2019

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